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Meet Erik

Erik van der Molen joined Kneppelhout in October 2012 as an advisor for the Asia Practice. After studying Japanese Languages and Cultures at the University of Leiden, he worked in Tokyo for the Netherlands Embassy and for an international advertising agency. In 2007 he moved to Beijing, where he studied Chinese and worked at an international trading company. From 2008 to 2012, Erik was Director of the Netherlands Business Support Office in Nanjing, a part of the Dutch government network in China. In this job, he helped many Dutch companies to do business in the country.

Erik and Kneppelhout
‘My passion has become my profession. As a child, far-off countries and foreign languages fascinated me. Already 10 years ago, Thomas Friedman stated that: "The World is Flat". I am convinced that no company can survive today without looking into new emerging markets. So I have made it my mission not only to convince companies of this, but also to help them do it. I would like to serve as a sounding board for companies that wish to turn their focus to the Far East. Together with the rest of the Asia Practice team, I advise companies about all aspects of doing business in Asia, from negotiations to setting up a factory.’

‘In addition to my activities at Kneppelhout, I lecture on doing business in emerging markets to students of International Business & Management at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. I also serve in management positions at the Netherlands-Japan Association and, the network of Dutch-China Experts. I am frequently asked to be a guest speaker on Asia related topics.’

‘In the time left over, I very much like to travel to distant places. I also take photographs and brew my own beer.’


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