Evert-Karel Ditvoorst

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Meet Evert-Karel

Evert-Karel Ditvoorst has worked as a lawyer at Kneppelhout since 1999. He has managed the Company Law section as a partner since 2007. Within this section, he focuses primarily on providing advice on and drafting shareholders agreements, collaboration agreements and acquisition agreements, as well as the disputes ensuing from them (Corporate Litigation, including arbitration and proceedings in the Enterprise Section). Providing advice on the corporate organisation (Corporate Governance) is a part of this. His extensive, wide-ranging experience enables him to understand the client and to exchange thoughts with him in a to-the-point fashion. By using a calm, but firm approach, he tries to achieve the clients goal. In his opinion, nothing beats succeeding in this while working with the client as a team.

Evert-Karel and Kneppelhout
‘I am proud of the growth the firm has seen, in its size, its specialisms and its knowledge of the sector. I take great pleasure in being able to contribute to this growth.’


Partner, Attorney