Fieke Lugtigheid

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Meet Fieke

After have worked for more than 20 years as a secretary in the shipping industry, Fieke has worked at Kneppelhout in the Company Law Section since August 2006. She started as a legal secretary and since May 2012 has been a Legal Assistant. In this position, she performs secretarial duties for several lawyers and also serves as the right-hand woman of the section head. In this capacity, she takes various coordinating tasks off his hands.

Fieke has a strong sense of responsibility. She is involved in the firm and in the cases of the lawyers for whom she works. Service is the trait that characterises her work method.

Fieke and Kneppelhout
‘I greatly value collegiality and being in good company, which is what I find in my current work environment.’

‘Hiking is my hobby. I have walked the Vierdaagse (Four-Days long-distance event) of Nijmegen successfully all the way to the finish line. I no longer walk in the event, but can still be found every year working as a volunteer on the sidelines along the route. I also love to travel (for culture/museums), classical music, cooking/baking and reading. I am handy with a needle and thread, and I like to watch English crime series.’


Legal secretary