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For a lot of things in life, passion is the key word. Passion is a motivator, which cannot be expressed in words. My passion is expressed most obviously in the way I operate in my field of expertise: by using my knowhow and creating an atmosphere in which clients feel their side is being heard. What comes first for me is that clients trust me in promoting their interests and coming up with a good strategy. The basis for this trust is built on knowhow and personal commitment. I my opinion this is wat being a good attorney is all about.

Franca & Kneppelhout

From January 2010 to April 2016, I worked for Linssen cs Advocaten, first as a paralegal and then as an attorney, and in May 2016 I joined Kneppelhout & Korthals. I specialise in issues relating to agricultural law, environmental and nature resources law, and environmental licensing law. My specialisation is also evident from the fact that I completed the Grotius Specialisation Programme in Planning and Environmental Law in December 2014, being awarded the ‘honours’ distinction. As an attorney, I like to delve into complex legal issues, not least because I am so very interested in my field of expertise. As I find it important to share the knowledge that I acquire, I take pleasure in writing articles that are related to my fields of expertise. In those articles, I particularly discuss issues relating to agricultural law, environmental and natural resource law, environmental licensing law and issues involving government bodies.

Franca in her spare time

'Besides my passion for the law, I exercise every day and like to take my dog for walks.'