Gert-Jan de Jager

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Meet Gert-Jan

If Gert-Jan was not so busy focusing on his profession and clients, he would have more time to do laps around the Kralingse Plas, a lake in his neighbourhood. As an expert in his field and a lover of the law, each day is often an hour too short. Gert-Jan is an utter professional. Yet, whereas many specialists limit themselves to only their field and take the easiest path, Gert-Jan always sees the bigger picture.

In addition to being a lawyer and partner at Kneppelhout, Gert-Jan is a deputy judge in the Civil Section and, in particular, in the Expropriation Section of the Court in East Brabant. He also regularly gives lectures and teaches courses.

Gert-Jan and Kneppelhout
‘Going solo is an expression that is simply not in my vocabulary. I work with the client and my team to find the right solution to the problem and thus to add extra value for our clients. Being able to solve disputes effectively and the effectiveness of the advice you give is only possible with legal acumen and the correct legal knowledge. Being able to consistently offer this acumen and knowledge is what motivates me.’


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