Hilde Pors

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Meet Hilde

After a student traineeship, Hilde knew exactly what she wanted: a career in the legal profession. Her professional training years were spent at two renowned international law firms, where she developed her interest in intellectual property law. After a short ‘intermezzo’ in Belize, Hilde worked 6 years in the position of corporate counsel at Zimmer Biomet. But ‘lawyering’ is in the blood, so in 2015 Hilde joined Kneppelhout to work as a lawyer. Thanks to her experience outside the law practice, she is very aware of the importance of clear communication and what 'obstacles' have to be overcome by the client in legal terms. Her specialization comprises, in addition to the traditional intellectual property law, advertising law (inter alia misleading ads) and pharmaceutical advertising law. Moreover, Hilde has in-depth knowledge of medically-related issues.

Kneppelhout is a Rotterdam law firm, which is clear from its people’s work ethics. Roll up your sleeves, ''actions speak louder than words” and no beating about the bush. 100% dedication to your client, and always keeping in mind the best interests of the client. The experience that Hilde obtained working as corporate counsel in the business community is very valuable. Hilde is convinced that clients do not want to be given pages of academic legal opinions, but prefer practical advice that can contribute to solving a legal problem. In addition, Hilde stresses the importance of helping the client pro-actively.

Hilde likes to spend her spare time with her husband and three young children. She likes to go out jogging a few times a week. Hilde loves a glass of good champagne and at home, she and her husband share the motto: ''Always have a bottle of Champagne in the fridge for special occasions. Sometimes the special occasion is that you’ve got a bottle of Champagne in the fridge''.