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Jikke graduated cum laude in business law and in criminal law and the law of criminal procedure. She began her career in the legal profession in 2004 at the international law firm of DLA Piper. She has worked at Kneppelhout since 2010. Jikke’s practice encompasses all aspects of (civil-law related) transport law, insurance law and (international) commercial law. She is also specialised in (European) customs law. This unique combination of specialist knowledge enables her to assess customs an logistic cases from the perspective of all relevant legal areas, which results in an efficient and effective multidisciplinary approach.

Jikke litigates often, but also has considerable experience with drafting complex logistics contracts. She serves as an arbitrator in Fenex arbitration. She is also involved in different (inter)national innovation projects to promote horizontal collaboration in logistics, such as the CO3 project collaboration Concepts for Comodality.

Clients find a passionate, professional specialist in Jikke. She has a practical attitude, knowledge of logistics and a sharp eye for the commercial interests of her clients and the relationships between parties. She is always available and ready to work for her clients. At the same time, Jikke is a strategist and mediator. She is good at listening, analysing, explaining and shifting gears.

In 2008, Jikke graduated cum laude from the Grotius specialisation programme in Transport Law and in 2009 successfully completed the Post-Master’s programme ‘Customs’ of the Stichting Europese Fiscale Studies/Foundation for European Tax Studies (Erasmus University). She writes for the column VAT and Customs of Kluwer Highlights & Insights, she is a member of the editorial staff of Juridisch up to Date (column on Commercial Law) and she regularly publishes articles on current subjects in the members’ newsletter of TLN and Fenedex, and the international export control magazine WorldECR.

Jikke and Kneppelhout
‘I work for my clients to achieve the best feasible solution, preferably with willing parties – but if necessary, through tactical litigation. In my view, a lawyer is not called in for the conflict, but for the solution.’


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