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Meet Joost

Joost Vrancken-Peeters is an enterprising, creative and socially minded spirit. Though these are not characteristics that one would immediately expect from a lawyer of his calibre, they are traits that distinguish him from other lawyers.
In part, due to these traits and wide-ranging interests, Joost has been a Managing Partner of Kneppelhout since 2013. It is his ambition to make the firm run even more professionally and with greater client orientation. 

Joost’s enterprising character expressed itself in the start-up of the Asia Practice in 2010. The services and the team were built from scratch. Initially, the focus was aimed solely at China (inbound and outbound). But since 2012, the firm has had its sights on Vietnam as well. Kneppelhout is the first and only legal firm to target this new economic tiger and has done so at the request of the Vietnamese embassy. The Asia Practice is an important section and one of the firm’s distinguishing factors.

Joost has assisted a large number of companies with M&A, financial transactions, securities and business relaunches. The combination of trustee and advisor makes Joost the ideal sparring partner for companies that find themselves in difficulty. He knows both sides of the picture and knows where the (potential future) risks lie.

Joost and Kneppelhout
‘Offering clients legal solutions that enable them to move forward with business – that’s what I like to do the most. Whether it involves drafting agreements, walking them through an acquisition or giving shape to a collaboration in the Netherlands or abroad. Being really involved in the business of the client and thinking beyond the mere legal side of things, that’s what I want to do and, fortunately, it is also the feedback that clients give me. Kneppelhout should become a law firm that clearly stands out among the rest and that is seen as a valuable addition to its clients’ businesses.’

‘I like to spend my free time with my family. I mountain bike, play golf and have played a lot of tennis at a high level. It is important for me to do my utmost, both in business and in private. In 2013, my then 13-year-old son and I cycled in the Alpe d’HuZes. In 2015, I plan to participate in Duchenne Heroes, a 7-day mountain bike tour. When I am in Asia on business, I always try to hire a mountain bike and hit the trail with a guide.’


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