Joyce Peltzer

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Meet Joyce

Joyce has worked at Kneppelhout since the end of 2001. Following her training as a florist – during which time she discovered that it was not so much working with flowers that she liked, but rather having contact with clients – she made the transition into an office job.

Joyce and Kneppelhout
‘My job is very varied: ranging from welcoming clients, either on the telephone or in reception, to organising and/or serving as hostess at events such as lectures and for similar occasions. I also perform activities related to PR & Marketing activities. Colleagues can approach me to arrange facility management matters as well.’

‘I find pleasure in my work because I am able to “take people’s worries away” and actually make a difference in their lives. For this reason, I am going to take part in coaching sessions in my free time to step up my social involvement. Afterwards I am planning to volunteer as a coach. I hope that I will then be able to help vulnerable fellow city dwellers to get their lives back on track and to (re)discover their own talents so that they can take an active part in society again.’



Front Office Associate