Karima Bol

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Meet Karima

In 2006, Karima completed her Dutch law studies (a civil-law specialization combined with a minor in Business Sciences) at Leiden University. Next, she worked six years at the Rotterdam District Court, first for the insolvency division and the last four and a half years as senior court registrar with the Sub-district Court division. In 2013, Karima switched to practising law at a law firm.

Karima and Kneppelhout
Kneppelhout’s no-nonsense mentality and the high level of specialisation and Karima’s personality are a good match. At Kneppelhout, she primarily focuses on tenancy law. During her years as a court employee, Karima proved to have great affinity with tenancy law. In the past few years, she has gained more in-depth knowledge of this field of law, both in terms of opinions and drafting/assessing contracts and litigation before the district courts and courts of appeal. Clients and colleagues describe Karima as a committed, pragmatic and conscientious person. If a court case cannot be avoided, her work experience at the court is a significant bonus. As Karima has spent several years on the other side of the bench, she knows better than anyone how tenancy-law cases are handled by the courts. In this light, your tenancy-law case is in safe hands with Karima.

Outside office hours
In her spare time, Karima likes to pack her suitcase or backpack to discover the rest of the world. If travelling is not an option, she likes to read and watch TV (preferably crime). Apart from that, Karima is also active as a volunteer mediator in several Rotterdam neighbourhoods. In that position, she acts as a go-between where disputes between neighbours threaten to get out of hand.