Marike Vliegenthart-Schillern

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Meet Marike

Marike Vliegenthart-Schillern has worked at Kneppelhout since 1996. Marike began as a receptionist and now works as a secretary in the Labour Law section.

Marike and Kneppelhout
‘I think it is important to do work that gives me pleasure and invigorates me. This enables me to live up to my highest potential. I am convinced that, in this way, the best results will be achieved; not only for the clients, but also for the firm.’

‘My job invigorates me because I am able to assist lawyers through my client-oriented outlook. I think it is important to know what is at play in a dossier, because it enables me to take a proactive stance and to work with the lawyers on finding solutions for the client.’

‘In my free time, I try out new recipes, I shop regularly and I like to engage in creative activities with my two daughters.’


Legal secretary