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Meet Olaf

Olaf van Haperen is a passionate, creative and very pragmatic lawyer. Since the start of his career (in 1995), Olaf has specialised in both classical Intellectual Property Law and ICT Law. In addition to this, creativity and commitment to his clients have always been the mainspring of his working life. This is reflected in the way in which he assists his clients, leads his team and shares his knowledge.

In addition to being an active member in a range of professional associations, he often serves as a guest speaker or guest teacher both in the Netherlands and abroad. He has also witnessed a number of pioneering court rulings. When involved in cases, Olaf will always keep his focus on the interests of the client and will move heaven and earth to complete a case successfully. Olaf always wants to win and will therefore use his extensive expertise and (especially) his creativity to achieve this goal for his client. Olaf also likes to take time to get to know his clients and their company and he is always eager to learn. This is evident from the fact that, in addition to his study of law, he was enrolled in a Bachelor’s programme in biology. He also has an extremely wide range of interests.

Olaf and Kneppelhout
‘After stints at a number of (international) firms, I have managed the Intellectual Property and IT section now since 2011. It is the fastest growing section within the firm and I am resolved to expand the team and to establish it as a leader in the region.’

‘In addition to spending time with my girlfriend and children, I try to keep time free to indulge in my passion for cooking and to quench my desire to learn more in a range of fields, such as (bio)technology, IT and history.’



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