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Meet Pauline

Pauline Post has been employed at Kneppelhout since 2003 and works in the Labour Law section. Initially, she worked as a secretary, but now she serves as a Legal Assistant. She is not only the help and stay of the section head, she also manages the secretaries of the section. In addition to having a healthy sense of humour, Pauline also possesses a healthy drive and sense of responsibility for keeping everything on track.

Pauline and Kneppelhout
‘I have a challenging and varied job. My colleagues and I are endeavouring to lift the Labour Law section up to a higher level.’

‘In my free time, I like to run and I go to the cinema regularly. I also love to shop and eat out in good company. Something else I love very much is travelling, either within Europe or beyond. I have been to Argentina/Chile, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba and South Africa, as well as other countries.’


Legal assistant