Petra Chao

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Meet Petra

In December 2015, Petra Chao obtained her master’s degree (with distinction) at Leiden University, with a focus on insurance law. Her thesis was about the interpretation of insurance policies in relation to third parties. Petra also studied one semester at the University of Vienna. In addition, Petra has gained practical experience at several major and medium-sized law firms, among other things as a paralegal.

Petra & Kneppelhout
In January 2016, Petra joined Kneppelhout, working at the Trade & Logistics section. She deals primarily with insurance law, transport law, commercial law and customs law cases. Kneppelhout was Petra’s first choice, not least because of its successful maritime practice.

Petra in her spare time
In her spare time, Petra practices yoga. In addition, she loves to travel. A one-year trip took her to countries including Mongolia, Russia and China, and she once walked along the coast of Portugal along the Rota Vicentina.