Sandra den Ouden

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Meet Sandra

In 1995, Sandra completed her vocational course for executive secretary. She then subsequently enrolled in the Legal Secretary training programme at Schoevers Academy. Since 1995, she has worked as a legal secretary/employee, primarily at legal firms. Sandra entered employment at Kneppelhout in October 2006. As a Legal Assistant to the section head, a partner, a staff lawyer and an apprentice lawyer within the Property and Administrative Law section, Sandra holds her own ground.

Sandra is familiar with many aspects of debt-collection. She regularly handles dossiers of the various clients, in both amicable and in-court routes. Sandra is enthusiastic, service-oriented and she performs her work with passion.

Sandra and Kneppelhout
‘My goal is to be a valuable member of the team. I want to proactively anticipate the questions and activities that flow out of the team so that I can do the work required before I am asked to.’

‘In my free time, I like to read. I find relaxation in doing yoga. I also take care of my family.’


Legal assistant